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State Road Map – Housing as Health: Complex Care Solutions

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State teams work with key stakeholders to develop their housing strategy, including:

  • Scanning the environment;
  • Developing a housing and health care strategy for the complex care population;
  • Incorporating key elements of behavioral health services integral to a housing intervention;
  • Assessing bridge solutions for individuals with complex care needs;
  • Defining the services in supportive housing; and
  • Building capacity for capital and operating resources

State teams and stakeholder partners iteratively plan and obtain buy-in for an overarching health and housing strategy, including:

  • Developing Medicaid waiver and state plan amendment options for services; and
  • Communicating the plan and engaging leadership

State teams implement housing solutions, evaluate and communicate outcomes and reinvest a portion of savings. This includes:

  • Implementing permanent supportive housing (PSH) and bridge housing solutions;
  • Evaluating short- and long-term programmatic outcomes, including health outcomes and cost savings; and
  • Deciding on a savings versus reinvestment strategy to support additional housing solutions that will deliver return on investment