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Build Capacity for Capital and Operating Resources

This is a critical step prior to implementation to ensure an effective supportive housing strategy to inform the Medicaid authority to be established.

Build Up Capital Fund Sources

Low-Income Housing Tax Credit:

  • Determine whether current Qualified Allocation Plan (QAP) incentivizes this work. If so, engage developers and provide education and technical assistance;
  • If not, revamp the QAP and allocate points to the designated population; and
  • Consider a consolidated RFP for supportive housing, such as those in Connecticut, Louisiana and New York.

Explore Availability of Additional Capital Resources

  • Determine feasibility of using federal Housing Trust Fund, Social Innovation Funds, social impact bonds (SIBs), multifamily bonds, HUD (Section 202, 811, HOPWA, HOME, CDBG, SHP)*, New Market Tax Credits, tax-increment financing and public-private partnerships.

Encourage Scattered Site and Single Site

  • Accelerate the availability of new units by enabling scattered-site housing, which may require little or no capital.

*Housing Opportunities for Persons with AIDS, HOME Investment Partnerships Program, Community Development Block Grants, Supportive Housing Program

Build Up Operating Fund Sources

Maximize Public Housing Authority (PHA) Participation

  • Engage the local HUD field office;
  • Implement PSH limited preference;
  • Tap into unused special-purpose vouchers;
  • Project-base existing tenant-based vouchers; and
  • Revamp the PHA's system of preferences.

Pursue State Funds to Support Efforts

  • Determine if the state has any existing rental subsidy dollars;
  • Use projected savings to fund rental subsidies;
  • States may be willing to match such investments; and
  • Consider repurposing MH and substance use treatment dollars.

Additional Resources

  • HUD Section 811, Section 202;
  • Money Follows the Person; and
  • SIBs/Pay for Success.